Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Interview with the talented Kiki Howell

Who would you say is/was your biggest inspiration and why?

I can never answer this question as all the reading I have done over the course of my life, all of the various, brilliant authors who write in the genres of romance, paranormal, historical, and erotica brought me to writing Torn Asunder little by little. I did have a dream come true with this novel though. For years I have read and loved the historicals of NY Times Bestselling Author, Hannah Howell (last name is a coincidence LOL). Having her not only read something I wrote, but to also give me a cover quote…well, sometimes I still need to pinch myself when I see the cover.

What do you find to be the hardest thing about creating your stories?

Never feeling like they are done. I have a touch of a perfectionist in me that I fight daily. Okay, so I am doing the opposite of exaggerating there! I always say I am a Type-B Wanna-Be! So, it is hard to come to the point of feeling the story is complete, as good as it could be. Torn Asunder, though, was the worst show of this ever. It took me over a year to write this one, as I first wrote it as a novella of about twenty thousand words. Over the year I walked away and came back to it several times until it ended up almost an eighty thousand word novel.

From all of the books you have written do you have a favorite character?

I really love my hero in this one, Edmund Bryant, the Marquess of Dalysbury. *sighs* He is just all a hero should be for me, including having magic and shapeshifting abilities. He is just one of those guys who will risk everything, do anything, and face anyone to have the woman he loves in his arms.

And readers always want to know, what are you reading right now?

I am reviewing a not-yet-released novel for Suspense Magazine. I review mainly their Urban Fantasies and Paranormal Suspense/Mystery books. It is soooo cool to receive books in the mail months before they come out sometimes, and then later see it on the New Release shelves at Borders after I have already read and reviewed it.

Wow! How exciting! Thank you so much for sharing your new release with us. I wish you much success. And if you would like to learn more about Kiki and her work, please visit her on her website:

Kiki Howell ~where love is a mystical thing~ Please visit to see all available titles!

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