Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Allure of Fairytales and Vampires

How`s that for a combination totally at odds? Does anyone know of a vampire fairytale? I've actually been thinking of creating a romantic fairytale where the Prince Charming is in fact a vampire. We've come to a place where these once reviled characters/entities have become the new princes we long for, so why not? Would anyone be interested in a story like that?

At the moment, like the lovely Brigit, I'm world building and creating something along the lines of my first major fantasy novel, which means research, reading and a very lengthy outline and plot. So far, I am loving what I'm creating and I hope you will too once it's underway and I can share some scenes and excerpts.

A couple of my most successful titles recently have been based on fairytales. One is a best-seller called Glass Slippers and Jewelled Masques, which is obviously Cinderella, and the second one is called Favola, which literally means "fairytale" in Italian - and yes, it's based on an Italian fairytale called Bella Venezia. Because that one isn't so well known here in North America, the publisher allowed me to include a synopsis of the story with the actual book.

Now, the world building is a much more complicated approach, for many reasons. It's always a challenge when you have to build from the ground up, because retelling fairytales comes with a built-in outline, doesn’t it. The new book is going to involve a race of vampires who share our world, but are apart from it, too. In this instance, I have to build two believable concepts, and they have to marry well, or it's a mess! Just like real-life in that respect, isn't it? *lol*

So, I'm curious, do you prefer a totally new tale, something based on old ones, or the combination of both? Since Brigit has graciously allowed me to take over her space today, how about if we have a little giveaway for her readers? Leave a comment and on Friday noon we'll pull a name and you can have whichever one of these two fairytales appeals most to you. Thanks for joining us and we'll keep you posted on the new world!! You can stop by any of my sites and stay in touch or just catch up. My links are listed below. Warning, the main website is undergoing reconstruction, so it's not totally up to date at the moment!

Ciao for now, and I'll be popping in and out to answer any questions you might have. Also, my blog HAS had its facelift, so if you haven't been by for a while, it's worth a look!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

World Building...

I have a new idea floating around in my head.  This one more complex then many others I have had.  Don't get me wrong, creating any story or series is difficult, and requires some world building. However, there are some that are more complex then others.  Where the back story is as important as what is currently going on, or the way the city or home is set up is imperative to getting your point across.

Anyways... I have a new idea, a complex one, with twists and turns and...*sigh* world building. I have witches, Gods, mixed races like Vampire/Demon/Warlock and there is something else niggling in the back of my mind that hasn't fully come forward yet.  The problem is, complex world building, like this, well it isn't something I have done a lot of.

Yeah I have Torrent's Talents.  But the world building there wasn't complex.  I created a town, made a bakery and then, outside of each story's individual needs set the scene the same way each time (yes I am aware of this).  And yes in Justice for Leanne I created a bit more complex world with the idea of Lesser and Higher Gods, and the portal and realm of Hell.  However, Book 2 will be in the same world, no need to move it and in fact I can't.

This however, this is so much more.  It is about the color of their hair, their eyes, the direction the house faces to the sun, the abilities they each have and how they help each other.  The back story of how their mother couldn't raise them both so they went to two very different homes and how that background helps them. *sighing again* So much to make sure is perfect before I delve into the story.

This is all Denyse Bridger's fault.  Well not the story, but the world building.  She is working on an amazing new world and she said... "I'm going to create a solid outline firths, then works from there." That is how her best work is done.  I thought, "wow, I wonder if I do that if it will make it a better story (or two)." Sure enough I got out the yellow pad and a pen and started building and am still building.  Yet I can already see how the stories will be better.  So my hat off to my bestest buddy Denyse Bridger who has yet to steer me wrong even when she doesn't know she is steering me.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weddings, Romance and Dress Hems?

White tulle, flowers everywhere, rose petals down the aisle, men in tuxes, music playing... the magic of seeing the bride come down the aisle smile on her face as she sees the one she loves waiting there for her.  The groom's wide eyed grin as he spies her for the first time, looking like his dream and coming towards him to be his for all time.

Yep, the dream.  The Wedding.  The moment when it becomes a reality rather then just the thought that was somewhere in the future.  The end result of the smiles, shy kisses and hand holding that has led to this very moment, this time when two become one.

Wait...hold it...is that a stress line on the bride's face?  And why don't the flower girl's flower match? And *gasp* is the hemline of the bride's maids dress shorter than everyone else's?  What on earth?  Is this perfect moment ruined?

Of course not, but it does serve to remind us that while it is all fun in the world of romance writing, it isn't as easy as it looks to get to that point. There are choices to be made from where to hold the service to what color flowers to what food to serve to what colors to use to who shall sit where and by whom.  Oh and let's not forget about who do we really invite.

Hemlines become the least of the concerns.  So when I asked my friend, who's wedding I'm in at the end of August, what length she wanted me to hem the skirt too (as I live in the States and she lives in Canada) and she said floor lengthish I had to laugh.  First off, the original plan was to wear heeled boots with the dresses so I have a brand new pair of gorgeous heeled boots, however if the dress is to the floor it won't matter what I wear cause well no one will see.  So then I figured take the boots wear them out and wear comfy shoes under the dress.  But now, she says *ish... well if that is the case then I could hem up a bit and people would see the boots, but I don't want to hem too far up cause well she said *ish.

Dilemma... see... so now I am off to figure out how long floor lengthish is and whether to wear my comfy shoes or my new boots...

Now don't get me wrong. I am so excited to see her and she is going to make the most beautiful bride ever and the wedding is going to be super romantic.  This is a romance for the ages for sure, it has taken a bit to get to the wedding, as they all do, but they never lost faith, hope or love for each other and it has been an amazing ride.  Hem lengths and family invites aside, this will be a romance talked about for years to come.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hello faithful followers.  I am so sorry that I haven’t been here before now but oh what a wild wonderful whirlwind life has been lately.

So two new books out:

Justice for Leanne, the first of a two part set, is out with Solstice at Night http://www.solsticeatnight.com/products/Justice-for-Leanne%252d%252dPDF-EBOOK.html

They are two very different and yet fun, sexy paranormal stories written by yours truly.

I am also finishing a fun flirty book and am hoping to get the second book of the set, titled right now Hope’s Heart, finished up before summer is over. 

As I find myself writing I have to wonder why I don’t more often.  And I can clearly say I don’t know.  I know that I don’t write as many books as others or have as much time to write, as I don’t do this for a full time job just yet, but I also know that is just an excuse.

I am making myself and you guys some promises, including more guests, more posts from me and a few surprises along the way I am sure.  I wish you all a happy Tuesday!