Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Talk Sex with Dawne

When I began professionally writing (excluding the freelance newspaper gig) I found myself lost in a world of romance. Now, keep in mind, I am the least romantic female on the face of the planet. I prefer quiet nights at home watching reruns of Seinfeld or working on my next blog with no interrupts.

Over the years since my first published novel, Crape Myrtle, in July 2009, I've expanded my writing horizons. Crape Myrtle is a contemporary suspense romance. Inside the 170 plus pages I wrote my first sex scene. YIKES! What an eye opening experience for me.

The first novel I wrote, On Her Own, was a sweet contemporary romance that indicated sex but the bedroom door was never opened for viewing. But in Crape Myrtle, I came out full force and wrote, not one, but three sex scenes. Whew, had to wipe my brow.

Two years later, I've published three more novels, Room 11, Rachel's Desire and When We Meet Again. Now the first two mentioned are flat out erotica romance novellas whereas When We Meet Again is a contemporary romance novel. Yes, it has one graphic sex scene but I would not classify it as erotica. Maybe on a scale of one to five best it's a two flame.

While the first two erotic novels were a challenge for me (the explicit scenes, dialogue and language) because they had me stepping out of my comfort zone. When We Meet Again was more my style but sometimes I feel you have to step outside your proverbial comfort zone to widen writing skills and keep what you have to offer fresh.

I also write for men's websites offering sex and relationship advice which lead to a weekly radio segment and eventually to self-publishing a sex advice ebook, Sex Sells: Are You Buying?.

So over the years my writing horizons have expanded, my writing skills have been fine tuned and my creativity has developed beyond my wildest dreams.

Current and coming releases:

Room 11- release date February 2

Rachel's Desire- coming March 3

When We Meet Again- coming April 27

Sex Sells: Are You Buying released February 20
Crape Myrtle- July 2009
On Her Own- July 2009

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