Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paranormal Romance by Rie McGaha

I've always liked Brigit's blog – Where The Paranormal…Is Just Normal. And why shouldn't it be normal. We are all raised on the scary, things that go bump in the night stories and I don't know any kid who doesn't love to be scared out of their wits by ghosts and goblins. It's just when we grow up do we get to have bigger and better things that go bump in the night. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and shape-shifters in the form of every animal you can think of. I even read one story about rabbit shifters.

I've also written my own version of werewolves in Blood Line and the sequel, Ancient Blood. I've always had a problem with rules, I guess, and as much as I love my werewolf stories, I didn't want a bunch of slobbering wild animals running around eating people. So my werewolves are a tad different than what readers may be used to but my werewolves are ones that I get emails and reviews telling me how much they are loved.

I also enjoy a good vampire story and have been in love with Lestat since Interview With The Vampire came out. There were a few things about Ann Rice's vamps that I disagreed with, so when I wrote my own vamp in Written In Stone, I had the chance to put my own twist on vampire lore. This isn't anything I've read before, nothing I've even heard of as a suggestion for vamps, and again, readers and reviewers both, love Written In Stone.

The paranormal romance genre is chock full of authors and books that encompass everything the mind can imagine, but still, we have to stand out amongst the others and I hope I've achieved this in my own paranormal romances.

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Rie McGaha is an author, editor, and reviewer. She has more than a dozen books to her credit, and her recent release, Calen, is the first book in the My Soul To Keep Trilogy, with the other two books being released later this year from Silver Publishing. You can join Rie, GA Hauser, & Stormy Glenn for Blog Blast 2011 (, on Blog Talk Radio, May 14, 2011 at noon CST, with an all day group chat at Erotic Promo.
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Calen by Rie McGaha


When Calen MacLeod begins having dreams of an ethereal beauty who beckons to him, he passes it off as just having an itch he hasn't scratched in a long time. But when he leaves on a journey to find her, following the directions she's given him in his dreams, he begins to doubt his sanity. And when he finds himself high in the Mackinaw Mountains in a secret fortress with unicorns and a pink and white castle, surrounded by women, each one more beautiful than the next, it's a fantasy no man would want to wake up from. But Arianna is the only woman for Calen.

The women of the Fortress have lived in peace, hidden away from the humans who tried to annihilate them all. But now a 500-year-old demon is out to destroy the women's matriarch, Ariella, and he'll stop at nothing to complete his mission. When Calen MacLeod shows up, he throws a wrench into Damon's plans. Never let it be said Damon isn't ready for anything, but when he kidnaps Arianna and takes her to modern day San Francisco, is he ready to meet Calen, who will stop at nothing to save his ladylove?


At a stream, he stopped and kicked off his boots, stripped and carried his clothing with him as he waded into the cold water. As he made his way upstream to a pool damned by fallen logs, the water inched up his body, causing gooseflesh to rise on his skin. When it reached his stomach, he dove under and came up gasping for breath. He used the lye soap he'd pilfered from the laundress and washed his clothing, tossing each article onto the bank with a wet plop. Then he began washing himself.

She sat on a log at the edge of the trees, watching him, fascinated by his body. His muscles rippled when he walked. With well-defined thighs and calves, his high, tight behind appeared much whiter than the rest of him, and she licked her lips. Watching as he washed himself, she imaged those big hands roaming over her body in much the same way, even though she didn't understand the feelings going on inside her where this man was concerned.
She knew what a man was, of course, though he was the first mortal male she'd ever seen with her own eyes. The males of her kind had been annihilated so many years ago, she had nearly forgotten them altogether. Since that time only two women had dared leave the safety of the Fortress to be with mortal men, and now, both were dead. Arianna guided this man now because his life had been entrusted to her, even though wasn't supposed to be watching him this way, or be developing feelings for him, either. She wasn't sure exactly what those feelings were, but the need to touch him was nearly overwhelming.
Beautiful, she thought, and now knew why those who had chosen to leave the Fortress for a mortal had done so. She would leave for this one, even though she couldn't say why. But the task ahead of them both was much more important than what she wanted for herself. Nevertheless, she would take what she could get.


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