Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Saturday

I am having a moment of peace and zen.  I have had my transition from high stress job to beginning lower stress job.  Yes this means a little more stress at home as there is also a salary difference, but I am excited for this next week when the changes will actually go into effect.

I started thinking about stress and the changes I have seen in my emotions, my body and my outlook on life since I had the new job.  In doing an actual inventory I realized how much it had changed who I am and not, in most ways, for the better.  Yeah I was glad to lose some weight, but not as much as I have.  Now I have to put some on in order to be healthy again.  And gosh, my whole look on life has been different.  Everything seemed to take time away that I needed for work, and rest was impossible to come by.  My family has suffered, my writing has suffered, my friends have suffered and honestly, I have suffered.

I am looking forward to getting those things back.  To being able to enjoy the brisk, sunny days and the time home to write and talk with people. To get back to the simple, enjoyable things.  Like making dinner for my family and helping with piano practice and homework.

My writing...that is what I am looking forward to as well.  The chance to stop shushing the voices and let them out.  Get their stories told and to the people who love reading them.  I can't wait to be able to sit at the coffee shop and just enjoy the time.  Not rush in and out and worry about what time it is and am I late or do I have a meeting.

Not only that, but the new really an old job...and one I love.  I get to teach High School English, at the Freshman level.  My FAVORITE!!!! I am so looking forward to helping expand their brains, give them love of literature and show them how to make their own characters come to life on paper.  All of that just brings me chills.


  1. I am so happy you have your life back and time to make yourself better inside and out, because this has been a hard year for you, I know. Now it's time to just allow you to be who you are - and the person we all love so very much!!

    Welcome back my darling Brigit!!
    Love you, always ~ D

  2. Bridgit! So happy 2012 is wide open with possibilities and better times ahead. I can wait to see your stories again. We are just a shout away for a good laugh or cry.