Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As an author I find that I am often in the middle of something and all of a sudden I can't write another word.  The worst thing possible, Writer's Block.  Sometimes I can get away with sarting a new story r picking up on astory that I started last time I had writer's block, or finishing one that I got stuck on.  Lately though...that isn't working. I find myself at a loose ends, unable to write, unable to get the story out, unable to do what it is I love doing.  And I get creative buildup.  This is the need to do something creative, to release energy back into the wild.
Sometimes a walk, sometimes meditation, sometimes a focus on a particular deity that I have worked with in the past will help me get past whatever block I have.  The last time I had a block I asked for some guidance and got...a new project.  Yep.  A new project.  Not a book or a story or cover to create.  Nope something else entirely.
I started small, a sugar scrub for the daughter of a friend who had a 16th birthday coming up.  Then a shave oil for a good friend of mine who wanted something specific.  Then a salt scrub, and some body lotion.  Then bath salts for someone I care about.  Then hand salve for guys. And before I knew it "A Touch of Magick" was born.
A shop on Etsy, where these new projects of mine are sitting (and selling).  Along with that, I managed to get over my writer's block.  So now, while bath salts are in the oven, my fingers are flying over the keyboard.  While the double boiler is heating the wax melts and oil, my brain is creating new characters, and while I'm filling glass jars with sugar scrubs that smell heavenly, my eyes are looking for scratch paper to scribble down ideas on.
My shop is at if you are interested in seeing what I am cooking up right now, and don't worry, another story or 3 are quickly coming together.
While I'm at it...I have also enlisted a friend of mine.  He does hand pressed cards with a table top letterpress.  He did my thank you cards for me and will be doing up tags for "A Touch of Magick" to go with the products...and business cards (he doesn't know it yet though).  He has some amazing stuff.  Fun, snarky stuff.  The perfect kind.  He is also working on a line of pagan/wiccan cards for the holidays. Stop by Eight Eleven Press and see what great things he has.


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