Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend Blog

So today was Friday.  Yep. Friday.  My blog isn't going to go up until Saturday morning.  Hmmm, wonder if that means I should title this yesterday or if I should write about my Saturday.  *imagine me sitting here contemplating*

Friday, was, well Friday.  Started out well enough, then the kids (my students) were crazy...Freshman all day is not something I recommend to anyone.  Had a fantastic afternoon with an amazing friend, came home and am writing a blog.  Not really hungry so thinking I'll skip dinner this evening.

Saturday will be errands day.  I need to get the oil changed, go to the post office, pay the rent and hang with a great friend for a bit.  Of course, this all needs to happen around what the kids need and what others in the house are doing. Not to mention dinner...hmmm.

Oh now I know what I want to talk about today...cookies.  Girl Scout Cookies, homemade cookies, the cookie bouquets you can buy.  All sorts of cookies.  I bought some great Girl Scout Cookies, and then found a Tagalong Parfait recipe that I may try over at one of my favoirte baking blogs, My Baking Addiction (

Thinking it looks like it might be worth taking a gander at...anyone want to try with me?

Oh I'm also making Grasshopper Cookies (

These are happening either this evening or tomorrow afternoon when I get home from my errands.  I was so excited when I saw these.  Grasshopper Mint Cookies are some of my favorites.  I like them better than the Girl Scout Thin Mints I have sitting around right I'm thinking baking cookies with 8 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  Nah, gotta bake.  Mine are better.

Oh...random thought.  I wonder if I could make a sugar scrub that smells like the Grasshopper Mint Cookies.  Check out later to see what I came up witih. Okay, my brain is working in to many directions to keep this up much more.

Let me know what you are baking up this weekend or if you decide to try either of these recipes.  Both of those blogs are amazing.  If you find something else wonderful to try let me know!!!!

Enjoy your weekend and oh Sunday is writing day!  So yes I am still in that business as well.

Blessed Be,


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  1. I am making White Chocolate Cranberry oatmeal cookies this weekend.