Saturday, July 16, 2011

World Building...

I have a new idea floating around in my head.  This one more complex then many others I have had.  Don't get me wrong, creating any story or series is difficult, and requires some world building. However, there are some that are more complex then others.  Where the back story is as important as what is currently going on, or the way the city or home is set up is imperative to getting your point across.

Anyways... I have a new idea, a complex one, with twists and turns and...*sigh* world building. I have witches, Gods, mixed races like Vampire/Demon/Warlock and there is something else niggling in the back of my mind that hasn't fully come forward yet.  The problem is, complex world building, like this, well it isn't something I have done a lot of.

Yeah I have Torrent's Talents.  But the world building there wasn't complex.  I created a town, made a bakery and then, outside of each story's individual needs set the scene the same way each time (yes I am aware of this).  And yes in Justice for Leanne I created a bit more complex world with the idea of Lesser and Higher Gods, and the portal and realm of Hell.  However, Book 2 will be in the same world, no need to move it and in fact I can't.

This however, this is so much more.  It is about the color of their hair, their eyes, the direction the house faces to the sun, the abilities they each have and how they help each other.  The back story of how their mother couldn't raise them both so they went to two very different homes and how that background helps them. *sighing again* So much to make sure is perfect before I delve into the story.

This is all Denyse Bridger's fault.  Well not the story, but the world building.  She is working on an amazing new world and she said... "I'm going to create a solid outline firths, then works from there." That is how her best work is done.  I thought, "wow, I wonder if I do that if it will make it a better story (or two)." Sure enough I got out the yellow pad and a pen and started building and am still building.  Yet I can already see how the stories will be better.  So my hat off to my bestest buddy Denyse Bridger who has yet to steer me wrong even when she doesn't know she is steering me.


  1. Your bestest buddy loves you so much!! And, I did it - I went out and bought my new laptop, and I'm keeping it internet free zone - so I can focus on the work without distractions!! WHEEE!!!!

    HUGS and LOVE!

  2. There's a lot of great blogs/classes etc out there to help you on worldbuilding...but I think the most important thing to remember is are the creator, you can change what you make, you make rules and you can break them (but make sure you have good reason and make it work...).

    I'm a seat of my pants builder and outline almost nothing, but I do a lot of thinking as I go... ;-)

    Like the new look!

  3. Thanks Maureen. I usually am too, but this one seems to be something bigger to me, and calls for more in my head.

    My friend Kayden McLeod, a fantastic author in her own right, did my blog look. She is amazing.