Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Allure of Fairytales and Vampires

How`s that for a combination totally at odds? Does anyone know of a vampire fairytale? I've actually been thinking of creating a romantic fairytale where the Prince Charming is in fact a vampire. We've come to a place where these once reviled characters/entities have become the new princes we long for, so why not? Would anyone be interested in a story like that?

At the moment, like the lovely Brigit, I'm world building and creating something along the lines of my first major fantasy novel, which means research, reading and a very lengthy outline and plot. So far, I am loving what I'm creating and I hope you will too once it's underway and I can share some scenes and excerpts.

A couple of my most successful titles recently have been based on fairytales. One is a best-seller called Glass Slippers and Jewelled Masques, which is obviously Cinderella, and the second one is called Favola, which literally means "fairytale" in Italian - and yes, it's based on an Italian fairytale called Bella Venezia. Because that one isn't so well known here in North America, the publisher allowed me to include a synopsis of the story with the actual book.

Now, the world building is a much more complicated approach, for many reasons. It's always a challenge when you have to build from the ground up, because retelling fairytales comes with a built-in outline, doesn’t it. The new book is going to involve a race of vampires who share our world, but are apart from it, too. In this instance, I have to build two believable concepts, and they have to marry well, or it's a mess! Just like real-life in that respect, isn't it? *lol*

So, I'm curious, do you prefer a totally new tale, something based on old ones, or the combination of both? Since Brigit has graciously allowed me to take over her space today, how about if we have a little giveaway for her readers? Leave a comment and on Friday noon we'll pull a name and you can have whichever one of these two fairytales appeals most to you. Thanks for joining us and we'll keep you posted on the new world!! You can stop by any of my sites and stay in touch or just catch up. My links are listed below. Warning, the main website is undergoing reconstruction, so it's not totally up to date at the moment!

Ciao for now, and I'll be popping in and out to answer any questions you might have. Also, my blog HAS had its facelift, so if you haven't been by for a while, it's worth a look!

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About the book:
Cindi Lancourte is the illegitimate daughter of a powerful businessman and a lovely woman who worked for him. Acknowledged when his wife died, she was quickly relegated to the role of servant by his new wife and step-daughters, but an invitation to a Masquerade gives this Cinderella a new shot at happiness with a handsome Prince Charming.

FAVOLA: Re-telling a fairytale for an adult audience:
Genre: EROTIC romance/fairytale
In the town of Favola, a prince and a lovely girl imprisoned by her mother's jealousy find passion and love... but will it be enough to outsmart the machinations and fury that their devotion inspires in the beautiful Bella Venezia? An Italian fairytale is re-told for an adult audience....


  1. Hello girls! To answer your question Brigit...I believe a fairy-tale's role is to make us dream, fantasize and hope so whether it be re-told or brand new, it matters not. What does matter is the writing...a good writer will make you love any type of subject! So, I'm not too for either one of you!!

  2. OOOPS, I just noticed my error....let me rephrase that...I'm not too worried for either one of you :)

  3. I like the mixture, taking a classic tale and doing twist on it. I have read both of these books and while obviously not familiar with Bella Venezia, I didn't need to be, the story was great and stood on it's own merits and I thoroughly enjoyed both books. I have been a fan for sometime now and your writing just gets better. Really looking forward to the new world you are creating!

  4. Isn't she great Penny? I love her stuff all the time... and MD I totally agree with you. Fairytales are the stuff for dreams...

    Thank you both for stopping by today.

  5. Yes, Denysé is great! She has a unique style of writing that is refined and romantic. It's always a pleasure reading her work!
    Now, a vampire Prince Charming who instead of seeing Cinderella's slipper left behind, smells her blood as she pricks her finger! :)

  6. Wow - thanks so much, ladies!! What a great idea, MD! Brigit, you're wonderful, and Penny... always in my corner, too - thank you!!

  7. A great concept of putting a new twist on a classic fairytale. Well done, Denyse! The cover of Glass Slippers And Jeweled Masques is enchanting. I would love to read it!

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