Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Success

Okay so my Grasshopper cookies aren't quite as pretty but boy they sure turned out darn good... mmm....

And after these got made the request for waffles came along about brunch time...not wanting to waste the creative bend I was on regular waffles turned into banana chocolate waffles.  There was a total feast to be had by those who were hungry

And of course as my brain was already on the path... I had to try and see if I could make a sugar scrub that would match the wonderful scents from the cookies.  I had major success.  So if you want a yummy sugar scrub that smells like chocolate mint stop by my store.

Not to be stopped (well until I was tired) I decided we needed a parfait...a large one.  So here is the pistachio cool whip, oreo, ganache parfait that we will be having for dessert.

Now I am here, resting.  Ha.  Soon to have to create dinner but that is okay.  Not worried about it.With all of this the boys should be content with whatever I come up with.

Don't forget St. Patrick's Day and Ostara is coming soon and my friends over at Eight Eleven Press have been hard at work.  If you need hand made, letterpress cards for either of those then stop by and see what fun stuff they have cooked up.

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