Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve - Resolutions? is that time...time to start a new calendar year...out with the old and in with the new and all that wonderful jazz.  At Winter Solstice during a fabulous Sabbat I let go of those things I wanted the New Year to start without, and made a single pledge on what I was going to work on for the new year.  I didn't choose something so overwhelming that I was going to get lost in it, I wasn't super specific like lose 10 lbs or blog every week or anything like that.  No I took a look deeper inside, to see what it was I could control and what I wanted to have positive happen in my life for the year, even if it meant having something negative happen first. And then I put that down.

So...I'm giving away a copy of one of my books to anyone who comments on:

What their New Year's Intention is...not necessarily resolution in the sense most are used to, but true Intention...from within.

Winner will be chosen tomorrow evening PST.

Good luck!


  1. Biggest thing for me to work on this year is to be a better mother to my kids! To finish a project I started on and get one of my dreams done even if it means I have to MAKE myself stay home and sit down to do it. Also the usual, to lose weight and get in better shape, not just for me but that is included in being a better mother.

  2. My wonderful and precious Brigit - I think we've travelled the same journey this year and come out in the same place... to a much brighter, positive, and peace filled new year where we work, love, and laugh with freedom and happiness. I love you, and I am so very glad to have you in my world.

    Always, D